Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Leave of Absence

Well it has been exactly 3 months since my last post. And while generally I would find that extremely embarrassing (& still kinda do), things have been a bit crazy in the Cerulean life... well, more so than usual. 
To begin with, there has been much attention directed toward our new baby. And yes, I mean a literal baby... not Banks, not Lenny, not the restaurant... George Tennyson France. 
Born March 7th during one of the MOST beautiful weeks March has ever seen in Indiana... sunny, 70 degree weather, light spring breeze, birds chirping.... and plenty of opportunities to open the windows & let the fresh air breathe in on our new way of life. We could not be happier.
And yes, I could go on & on & ONNNN about the little man we commonly call, Tenny, but I will leave it alone for now in order to get all the other "babies" their fair share of recognition regarding their development the past 3 months....
For example, the bullies... other than a few attention deprived whines & bouts of rebellion with this new "thing" in the house...they have remained fairly consistent. Eat, sleep, poop, sleep, play, sleep. (and who said having a kid is any different) : ) 
The FANTASTIC husband (and yes, he has become even more fantastic if that's possible) turned the big 3-0 in the wake of Tennyson's arrival & while I did not feel he got the proper celebration in any way, shape or form- I think he considered it a good birthday. 
We continued the addition to our house- practically adding a whole other house worth to our property! And yes, they were pounding & drilling & sawing & beeping while I tried to manage a 1 week old baby. But no, he did not seem to mind... at all. 

The restaurant has progressed & changed in so many ways that I almost feel like an outsider going back to work.... One of the weirdest feelings I've had in awhile. We have turned over so many staff members that a server actually told a customer, who happened to be a good friend of mine, that she has never worked with me... ouch, kinda. I mean, wow, things have changed. The Garden is now open & in full swing & summer has succeeded in creeping upon us so fast that Bike Fest & Art Fair have already come & gone! Welcome to the summer! 
And yes, even though the Garden is only in its 3rd season, we did some renovating!

The Indianapolis location has taken off as well. Caleb has been back & forth quite a bit in the past few months. In fact, Tenny & I finally got to go with him this last trip! (And yes, we took the plane!) So I got to take a few pictures for myself of our new emerging space. 

The space will be delivered to us June 15th & then... hold on to your hats! We're moving in! 

So, I think that is the abridged, abbreviated, condensed version of all the new developments over the past 3 months. And yes, our hands are full.... 
but our hearts are even fuller. : )