Saturday, November 26, 2011

Home, sweet home

Caleb & I officially took our longest vacation ever the past 2 weeks. We were gone for 12 days straight! And while we were having serious doubts about leaving... pregnancy, mid-bar renovation, puppy, no easy contact with the U.S., holiday season, severe flooding at our destination... we decided to say a little prayer & pursue the Thai adventure we had been planning for over a year. While the details of the trip will be saved for a later post, the thing I am most grateful for today is the fact that we returned to the States to be surprised by a restaurant & a home that were completely under control.... actually, even better than when we left. Now I hate to sound like a cynic but this is the first vacation we have taken that perpetuated this way. Our pup did not get arrested because he got loose in a kiddie playground & accidentally bit a toddler. None of our staff members got arrested. We didn't get an angry email about how horrible our restaurant service has become. The house was not partied in & trashed. There wasn't a 2 weeks notice on my desk that was dated the day we left. There was not a urine soaked mattress that had been fermenting all week resulting in a trip to the dumpster. And there wasn't a menagerie of Post-its on my desk requesting things like... more Post-its. No, in fact, it was quite the opposite. The dogs were happy & well fed. The restaurant had little to report out of the ordinary other than a regular customer had the "best meal of her life" one evening. And the major construction project that we left in the middle of was completed on time & even better than we had hoped! One minute we were stressing over paint colors & layout & how dumb it was that we were abandoning everything for 2 weeks.... And the next minute we return home to this....

...a new dining room & a bar in sweet motion. For the first time it not only felt good to leave but it also felt good to come home. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

building a bar

The time has come for yes... another project! Although we actually received our liquor license a few months ago, we have not been able to do much with it. The current state of our restaurant is already bursting at the seams & the idea of where to store liquor seemed utterly impossible... and literally impossible. If you don't believe me, come stand in our kitchen for 10 minutes on a Friday lunch or a Saturday dinner & see how many times you get run over. If you don't have a purpose- MOVE! : )
Anyway, we did the most logical thing one would do in a situation like this... we decided to build a bar & add more storage!

The first thing that was completed was moving the entrance. We just re-routed the sidewalk & added a new ramp with a couple side rails. Believe me or not, but people were actually quite confused by this. Although it does not seem too difficult to figure out where to go in, we managed to stump a few!

Then began the framing of the new dining room. This will be where we can host regular dinner service or larger private parties. Plus, these diners will have a clear shot to the bar!


The windows currently to the inside will be moved to the outside wall & replaced with double doors! It is a huge renovation for that we have talked about since the day we opened... who knew it would actually become a reality 5 years later! It is humbling, exciting, & scary all at the same time! I mean, we have never run a full bar before?!! I guess that is part of the fun. : ) 

So while we wait for the renovations to progress, this is the current state of our garage at home... I wasn't lying about lack of space!