Saturday, March 3, 2012

Indianapolis, here we come

Steel frame on the left is us!
Steel frame on the right- Next to the Alexander Hotel!

Right smack on the corner of Delaware & South!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

a wee bit o' growth

On the restaurant front...
We are moving right along... the week(s) of confrontations & bad attitudes have finally ended & we are moving forward in this FOH development! Managers are starting to catch their stride & expectations have been set. I think we are on the up & up. Please God, let us be on the up & up. The absolute highlight & humble factor for yours truly was the result of February's financials. I have had a lot of guilt regarding having this baby & no longer being able to "pull my own weight" at the restaurant. A lot of that has stemmed from the fact that I had to move multiple people up in responsibilities to take over my work which also meant paying them all more. Of course I love that I have staff who are capable to take on those roles & I am happy to be able to pay them more... but my guilt came from the fear that I am hindering the restaurant financially or inhibiting some sort of growth. HOWEVER, for the first time in 6 years, Cerulean made money in the month of February. Wow! Ok Courtney, you can get over yourself now. What a humbling, encouraging step in the progress of this Cerulean life.
And in the meantime, the kitchen & the bar also continues to rock it out!


On the home front...
Holy moley we are going up fast! I can't even keep up in photos because this progression has been over the course of 3 days! The addition on the house has begun & although the power saws @ 7.00a are a bit obnoxious, it will be sooooo worth it. Sometimes I still can't believe it's happening... our little cottage house is becoming a home to grow in. 

On the bully front...
Banks has finally warmed up to the fact that Lenny will be in his life from here on out. In fact, I think he may actually be happy about it. 

And Lenny has only grown further in his love of Banks. His need for snuggles & hugs have intensified to the point where he is forcing himself upon Banks. He no longer minds. I mean, how could you not want a hug from this guy??

And on the baby front...
We are 2 weeks from due date & anxious, excited, curious, happy, overwhelmed, and mostly just.... ready. : ) The baby is growing & growing & therefore... 

...the belly is growing & growing...

...and growing.

Needless to say, this life is ever present, ever changing, ever growing, ever... real. 
(and yes, that is Lenny pinning Banks in the last picture)