Saturday, March 16, 2013


  • He called you Bruiser; he nicknames everyone & that was quickly yours; he said that he knew you would be tough
  • When you were a baby, he was quite possibly your favorite; you would cuddle up on his chest & be so content
  • He was a 6'2" athletic man but as a tiny baby, he would hold you as if you were breakable, so carefully
  • He quickly taught you to appreciate 50's & 60's rock & roll, you would "dance" for him (and everyone) often
  • You were his swimming pool buddy; he LOVED when you would get in the pool, kick your legs & splash with your hands. He could watch you for hours & thought you were so funny in there.
  • He would often hold you & walk you around in the pool, bouncing along 
  • He showed you how to "lounge" on a raft in the pool

  • He would wave at you with both hands & you would smile so big. He would shout "Tennnnnnny. Whatcha doing Tennnnnnny?!"
  • He would gently stroke your forehead 
  • We visited him at the office a few times; we took him lunch & ate with him there at the board room table
  • He would stop over to visit you at the house; he played "ball" with you rolling the ball back & forth on the ground
  • You became quite afraid of him (and all men) & would not let him hold you for a time frame; you would "talk" to him & smile at him but as soon as grandma tried to pass you off, you would fuss!
  • When he found out you were being rather fussy for me as a baby, he went out & bought you a swing. He & Grandma brought it over on a Saturday afternoon & he put it together for you. 
  • You would always wave goodbye when he left
  • At Christmastime he bought you a Colts football & a red & white striped basketball; you pound on them both & say "huh-huh"
  • Everything you did was funny to him; you made him laugh out loud
  • He came to be with you in the hospital when you had your surgery; he calmed me tremendously
  • He was fascinated when you began picking up food on your own. He kept asking "When did he learn to do that? He's so big."
  • He told my aunt Mag that you were really, really smart at 9 mos old
  • The last night he visited you, he told you that once you got a little older, he was going to teach you all kinds of things
  • The last night he visited you, you walked along the coffee table to him; you gave him a high five
  • The last night he visited you, he said, "I know we're gonna be great buddies"
  • He bought you a shirt that said "little dude" when you were about 3 mos old; he also bought you mini cargo shorts & thought they were hilarious; He would always ask, "Tenny, where are your cargos?"
  • He told me that you would be the best thing I ever did… and he was right.
  • He would always ask you if you wanted a cigar....then he would always ask me when he could give you your first cigar.
  • He never talked baby talk to you but definitely had his own language just for you
  • You get your stubbornness (and strong will) partly from him!
  • His eyes LIT UP whenever you came around
  • You went golfing together for the first time on Father's Day at Raccoon Run 
  • You had your first bite of protein with him at Thanksgiving. We fed you turkey at the Conrad in Indianapolis. 
  • I prayed to God before you existed to let me have a baby that all our parents (your grandparents) could meet... I praise the Lord everyday that Grandpa Jay knew you & loved you...

... My prayer now is that someday you will get to meet him & love him as well. 

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  1. Court, this makes my heart break. Praying for you girl. Tenny will be very very thankful for this one day and treasure it always. Love you.