Friday, September 7, 2012

6 months old

So, to help the Main Man keep up on all the shenanigans that happen around the house, I decided to send a random Tenny-ism email from time to time. Please don't take it like there is an absent father in the home cause that couldn't be FURTHER from the truth. But it helps us all stay connected & this kid grows so fast that who knows what even tomorrow may hold?! So, in honor of making it 6 months, I thought I would devote an entire blog to the growing boy by sharing the reports.....

Tenny-isms Part Un

Just a few things from this week to help you feel connected : ) & maybe some you already know!
  • He will most definitely eat carrots & be excited about it! You just have to be patient & he warms up to them!
  • He is a rolling machine- this morning in the hotel I had him rolling around on the floor while I was making coffee & when I turned my back for 10 seconds he was stuck under the tv stand! He grunted, thought it was kinda funny & then started crying for me to get him out. : )
  • He will fall asleep ANYWHERE with singing or the white noise app... otherwise, not as easy. He napped on a blanket on the floor at Shoop's.
  • He now knows what pajamas mean. Sometimes (about 50/50 right now) he begins his bedtime protest just by the changing of clothes
  • He poops in his walker. That is his spot. The past 4 poops have taken place in that walker. Today I actually caught him making a face- that is the first time I have witnessed a poop face. 
  • He is beginning to find Banks very funny. Lenny, of course, is still the BFF.
  • He can feed himself his own bottle with minimal help.... in his CAR SEAT. : )
  • He sits pretty well in the tripod position on his own. He is getting to the point where he would rather do that sometimes than be held. He is getting to be an extremely independent little boy.
  • However, he will not go to anyone but mom... not sure about this one... if I am in the room, he may be ok for a few minutes but not normally... 
  • TOES!!!
  • He has started trying to "eat" the water in the bath
  • He is responding to his name, gets really excited when you say "good job" & understands "no"
  • He likes to be around a lot of people but he doesn't like to be the center of attention. He will sit fine if no one is paying attention to him but as soon as everyone is in his face, he gets anxious :)

Tenny-isms Part Deux

I should be doing a MILLION other things right now but I find this important because I know that we all miss each other...
  1. Tenny's poop is now usually brown with flecks of whatever he eats & IT STINKS. ; ) There is no questioning now whether he has pooped or not- just take a whiff. 
  2. First time I have ever seen him puke- twice. Not fun & kind of heart breaking. (can't wait til the first hangover) 
  3. He is starting to show less interest in nursing. Surprisingly has been very sad for me. 
  4. Ten rarely ever cries when he is hungry now. He will look at me & maybe whine a bit, if anything. I am proud that he trusts us enough to meet his needs in that regard & doesn't feel too panicked when hungry anymore. 
  5. He LOVES to watch the rain & the wind in the trees from his walker.
  6. Loud noises don't seem to scare him too much if I am an eyeshot away. He often looks to me for approval. 
  7. He sticks out his tongue & vibrates his lips. He finds it hilarious. He will also mimic it if you do it at him. This is the first thing I have seen him consistently mimic on cue. 
  8. I think he feels like a big boy in his high chair! I give him a lot of praise for sitting well in it & I think he is proud of himself. 
  9. He not only grabs at things now but he reaches- he will lean forward or scoot forward or turn in order to get want he is looking at. He has figured out that he can propel himself forward in some regards. 
  10. When I ask, "Are you silly?" He smiles, giggles a bit & says what I can only determine as "yaaaa" ; )
  11. Head butting & hair pulling is full time gig now. He hasn't bit me since the last time I told him No.
  12. I think he may actually look forward to his daytime naps. He gets excited to be in the crib & LOVES your grandma's afghan. However, if you miss the cues...screams may follow.
  13. Make that 3 pukes- 1 all over mom
  14. He is now in 9-12 mo clothes 
  15. He has started jerking his head from side to side really quickly when he is tired & trying not to fall asleep. It's really funny.
  16. I found that even after just a week of asking him not to put his hands in his mouth when eating, he rarely even tries to now. 
  17. He is SO SPUNKY- that boy is getting a little (biG!) personality on him & I am starting to see the toddler characteristics creep out... He wiggles his whole body when he gets excited almost to a point where its hard to hold him; he has a sly grin when he knows he's about to do something questionable; if I am not paying attention to him, he will whine so I look at him & then grin when I ask what is wrong (stinker!); he plays his cards well- he knows what to do to get what he wants & he's stubborn about it (for example, I want attention so I will just throw all my toys on the floor); he will side swipe or kick about anything he can reach at any moment so watch out- I have buried a wine glass & saturated cookbooks multiple times in the past week!
  18. The chub has thrown my back out 3 times in this past week trying to load him into the car with that carrier. However the wrist sprain from last week has healed.
  19. He almost always falls asleep on his side now. 
  20. He is very intuitive toward anything new. New scenery is especially welcomed & studied intently. (especially dogs)

Happy 6 mos Tennyson- you're one pretty cool dude!

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