Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Indy Project

Times are changing, that's for sure. As I sit here today & type, the whole Cerulean gang (or at least a good 30 or so) are off on a kayaking adventure at Turkey Run State Park. Every year we try to do something that includes the whole staff whether it be a lake party, cookout, bonfire, etc. Just something that is fun, stress-free, & not related to work! We provide food, drinks, & hopefully an atmosphere where the staff can just enjoy each other's company & engage on a different level. Well, this year we decided to treat everyone to kayaks down a river- a 4 hour adventure! They loaded up coolers of Martins donuts, Strongbow Cider & Jimmy John's subs & headed for the open road around 6.30a! It should be a fantastic day for them- sunny skies & about 70 degrees- perfect! 
On the other hand, I am a bit sad. While you will NEVER hear me complain about time spent with the little dude, it is a bit disheartening to not be a part of the adventure for the first time in over 6 years. An unfortunate circumstance that leaves me sad for my loss... the loss of quality time with the staff. Yes, they really are that cool. : ) 
So, while I get a day "to myself" & the little one naps, I wanted to look forward to what is still to come.... Indianapolis. Wow, more cool people yet to come into our lives! Here is where we are at:

Our contractors gave me my own hard hat. That moment truly put things in perspective... Silly, I know... but sometimes it is the little things. : ) This was also Tenny's last tour before the restaurant is complete. For some reason the construction crews really frown on having a small child in "steel-toed boots & hard hats only" facilities. 

Both families have now see the space in its inception. Just wait until it is complete!

These are both open dining areas... The picture on the left also looks out toward the outdoor Garden area. That will come in 2013!

This will be booth seating along the window. 

This is what we are calling the "Food Lab". Guests can visually see whatever we decide to feature in a given day being prepared or created. Behind that to the right is a private dining room for the VIP's... ya know, like Reggie Miller. ; ) 

Bathrooms :)

Bar & lounge area looking towards the front entrance/host desk

2 more shots of the bar from each side: one from the host desk, one view down South Street (booth seating & server station on right)


So, quite obviously, we have a ways to go.... BUT it is also moving very quickly! At this point, I think the goal is just to keep up with everything... & ride out the current whenever we get the chance. 

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  1. It looks so good Court! I cannot wait until it's done. I'm so excited for you guys. Let's catch up soon. Missing you.